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Maori organisations getting online

February 14, 2011

Do we need to get a website?

That’s a good question. More than likely the answer is yes. Maori organisations (iwi, hapu, runanga, and trusts) really need to consider this carefully. It’s not as simple as getting one of the cuzzies to sort you out a website. If this is the process that your organisation has followed don’t feel too bad, it’s like that right across the board (even in pakeha organisations).

Many Maori organisations feel like they need to have an online presence but are not sure how to approach it, sometimes they are don’t understand the technology, or may even have concerns about having their matauranga (intellectual property) ‘on the web’.

The internet is now almost 20 years old, for some (if not most of us) the web is such an uncomfortable paradigm shift, that it’s very difficult to imagine it’s power and how we can use for the good of your organisation, stakeholders, me te ao Maori. Consider the following use cases –

  • A communications tool, for example a way to share a new developed Iwi reo strategy or a way for a trust to communicate with shareholders / stakeholders worldwide.
  • A repository for resources and information – A centralised repository, for example store and share minutes from hui or digital versions of the annual report
  • A teaching and revitalisation tool – A way to archive and preserve taonga for future generations digitally
  • Social networking – A way to reconnect and engage with urbanised Iwi / Hapu or those overseas
  • e-commerce – Gather money online though online koha systems for tangi, promote and showcase iwi / hapu tourism ventures, or even sell aunties rewana.

Maori have always embraced innovation. We have had to in order to survive, it’s what got us here to Aotearoa. We need to embrace the web and learn how we can leverage it’s strengths.


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